Is it Time to Rebuild Your Equipment?

We have all done it.  We know our equipment will need new parts soon but you put off ordering them until your machine breaks down and you really need them.  When that happens, you make a quick call to the parts department to order new worn out parts and calculate the losses you will accrue from non-operational production line.

With Fall in full swing, that means harvest is underway and a lot of processors are getting busy.  Just like farmers, this is Insta-Pro’s busiest time of the year as growers will avoid storage costs and deliver direct to the processors.

Through proper maintenance and service, a processor can insure their equipment stays running at peak performance; avoiding a breakdown.  The typical parts customers request are: extruder screws, steamlocks, chambers, nose bullet, nose cone, press screws and cage parts. We make it a priority to ship parts the same day overnight so our customer is not down for more than 24 hours, however, with the high cost of freight, the freight charges can cost more than the parts.

We strongly advise our customers to keep a full set of external barrel part and internal barrel parts on hand. The top parts we consider ordering in advance are the inlet screws and inlet chamber; these are the parts that feed the extruder and are subject to the most wear. It is recommended you check them every 1,000 hours and rotate/ replace screws as needed.  Processors should also check inlet chamber riffling for wear and weld to manual spec or replace as needed.

In the fall Insta Pro usually sees a large increase in orders and lead times can increase. We do everything possible to ship parts order within a few days but at times it’s just not possible. Currently,  orders are being filled the same day unless the parts are a none stock item.

To avoid costly overnight shipping charges after an unforeseen break down now is the time to think about stocking parts for inventory and rebuilding your equipment.  You can place your order by contacting Jim Little +1.515.265.1277 or 800-798-0951

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