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If you own Insta-Pro equipment, questions will come up on how to best operate and maintain it.  And at some point, you will need help answering your questions.

Insta-Pro high-shear dry extrusion generates a lot of friction and heat during our process, internal barrel parts will wear down and need to be replaced. Our service team know of several ways to extend the wear life on those parts.

The question that you may be asking is: Who are you going to call to get that advice?   We would hope that you would call Insta-Pro at our home office (515-254-1260) in Grimes, IA.

We are loaded with hands on operational experience, customer service experience, engineering experience, nutritional experience, repair and maintenance experience and overall product evaluation experience.  Our team of professionals are most interested in optimizing extruded product performance with your particular application.

I’ve personally been working with Insta-Pro equipment owners for more than 30 years.   When you need help to troubleshoot a problem, odds are our service team, led by Jim Little, have either been faced with your situation or they have worked with a customer who has had the same issue.

The best news is that our troubleshooting, nutritional & engineering advice is all FREE!  All you have to do is be a loyal parts customer.

Please give us a call.. We would love to help you out!

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