Converting Waste into High Quality Ingredients

FAO predicts that by 2050 food production will have to increase by 70 percent in order to meet the population’s food demand. They also mention that combating poverty and hunger, using scarce natural resources more efficiently and adapting to climate change are the main challenges world agriculture will face in the coming decades.

One of the topics that I feel most passionate about is finding ways to use scarce natural resources more efficiently. In the past years, I have been amazed to learn about different applications that exist to convert what is wrongly considered waste or by-products into quality ingredients.

Some examples of this include the following:

Tomato Pomace

Tomato pomace is a by-product created when processing tomatoes for human foods. Sterilizing it with high shear extruders can create a quality ingredient for pet food or feed.

Rice Bran

Rice Bran is a by-product produced by rice millers and is generally considered waste since it degrades within a few hours. When you process rice bran with high shear, dry extrusion it is stabilized for months and converts it into valuable ingredient for broilers, swine, livestock, equine, aquatic and human consumption. Increasing the value of rice bran between 2 to 20 times its commercial values.

Poultry & Swine

By-products created from the meat processors can have also have value. For poultry and swine waste, disposal options are limited and costly, but with that also comes the affect is has on the environment. Sterilizing poultry and swine waste with high shear, dry extrusion will transform the waste into an excellent ingredient for feed.

Craig Briney, By-Product Technology Leader, also states the following about converting waste to ingredients, “Economics is the key to utilizing secondary resources that are destined to be deposited into a landfill. As commodity prices continue to escalate, the opportunity to economically recover secondary resources increases. The vast majority of by product recovery projects are not economical without tax monies to stimulate the projects.”

We owe it to the world to become more responsible human beings and use the resources as efficiently as possible. Contact us to help you transform your waste problem into a stream of revenue.

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