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A question I’m often asked is, “How does your ExPress® soy meal by-pass protein compare to other commercial by-pass meals?”

The simple answer is ExPress® soy meal provides by-pass protein that is highly digestible, but also has other nutritional benefits, such as a by-pass fat source for dairy. ExPress® soymeal provides an excellent source of both rumen degradable and non-degradable protein, unlike other bypass ingredients.

Additionally, ExPress® soymeal residual oil (6% – 8%) is protected from rumen microbes, providing a sufficient source of by-pass fat. Shown in the diagram below, these nutritional advantages combined improve the overall function of the rumen – more fiber degrading bacteria & slightly higher pH.

Rumen Diagram

ExPress® soy meal results in better efficiencies – including economic efficiencies – over other costly by-pass meals. When ExPress® meal replaces other sources of by-pass ingredients in the diet, higher milk yields can be realized. These benefits result in more efficient milk production as described here and here. Consequently, replacing by-pass soy with ExPress® soy meal results in a 26.5% reduction of diet cost ($0.21/cow/day savings) as shown from a recent feeding trial at Penn State University (Havertine, 2018 – data not published yet).

While this blog focuses on the benefits of feeding ExPress® soy meal to dairy, this same ingredient can be fed to all species. To learn more about the benefits of ExPress® soy in poultry and swine, please refer to a sales representative.

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