Research Behind Success. Part I: Poultry

For many years, Insta-Pro International has been a global leader in the development of processing technologies for food and feed, providing value-added innovations according to market needs. This has been supported with a remarkable trajectory focused on quality at all levels in conjunction with abundant and consistent research for 50 years.

The first study was conducted between 1970 and 1971 at the University of Minnesota and was focused on evaluation of high-shear extruded full-fat soybeans in layer rations. It was demonstrated that layers fed a ration of 100% extruded full-fat soybeans (as the sole source of soy) had a better conversion rate (kg of feed/doz of eggs) and produced eggs with greater content of linoleic acid and linolenic acid (essential fatty acids) than layers fed a traditional corn-soybean meal ration. In another study with chicks, body weight and feed;gain ratio were greater when replacing 100% of dehulled solvent extracted soybeans with full-fat soybean processed by high-shear dry extrusion. Additionally, improved lysine digestibility and metabolizable energy have been demonstrated in poultry.

Many other studies have been conducted and support the advantages of using properly extruded soymeal in poultry diets. Insta-Pro has been developing new technologies according to the market needs in conjunction with research focused on evaluation of new ingredients like canola.  Canola meal is the second largest meal source after soybean meal in poultry. High-shear dry extruded and mechanically pressed canola meal’s nutritional quality in poultry diets have been evaluated at the University of Illinois. These studies from 2016 showed a 12% advantage in lysine and a 14% in metabolizable energy in broilers fed Press-ExPress® canola meal compared to the expanded and pressed canola meal.

In our new R&D facility, we are constantly evaluating our equipment and optimizing the processing conditions, which are tested through the animal feeding trials every year. This dedicated research guarantees nutritional quality and valuable support to our customers. Give us a call, we are always eager to provide solutions and new ideas to help you to be successful in your operation.

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