Non-GMO Oilseeds: Another Dynamic Niche Market for Natural Processors

Non-GMO Oilseed Processing

As consumers are concerned about the sources of their food, an increasing interest by food companies, oilseed processors, and farm growers for non-genetically grown soybeans has occurred. USDA’s Certified Organic program has been well established in North America, however there are no accepted lab tests to ensure that Certified Organic soybeans are Non-GMO. Today, quick strip tests to verify the growers’ soybean identity traits are available in US and Canada.

Non-GMO soybeans can be grown using commercial fertilizer and accepted chemical pesticides, but if a soybean producer wishes to have his soybeans verified to be Non-GMO, he must have an independent third party (Non-GMO Project Verified) document stating that the soybeans are free of genetically modified traits.

Recent industry news reports clearly state that well known US poultry companies are actively soliciting growers to produce sizable amounts of Non-GMO corn and soybeans. In addition, there is a serious interest by niche market oil refiners to refine and market Non-GMO cooking and salad oils. Will there be the positive response by soybean and corn growers? I personally think growers will respond to these increased market opportunities in full force.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, farmers, and consumers dedicated to ensuring the availability of Non-GMO foods and beverages. To date, this group is the only known independent third party to provide verification and guidance for products in the US and Canada.

Insta-Pro has welcomed recent numerous inquiries from groups wanting to process Non-GMO soybeans naturally. Using high shear extrusion and continuous mechanical pressing without the use of any chemicals, creates further value to the food and beverage industries. With over 90% of the soybeans produced in the US and Canada being GMO soybeans, there is enough growing capacity to capture extra value in this dynamic market.


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