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When I started to work as a nutritionist for Insta-Pro®, somebody asked me what an animal nutritionist does in a company that manufacture extruders, presses and coolers? The answer is easy: because that equipment is used to feed production animals that provide meat, eggs and milk for consumers all over the world

The general vision behind manufacturing high-quality equipment is to provide mechanical processing solutions that reach successful producers, provide good revenue, and offer chemical-free and quality nutritional products to produce healthy animals. In addition, knowing the animal systems and how they function – the digestive system of animals and how they use feed to produce protein for human consumption – allows me to understand the complexity and importance of nutrition behind the equipment focusing on value-added, quality feed ingredients.

Beyond the quality of the product there is more. We are a committed team to guarantee nutritional support to our customers constantly. Aligned with that statement, Insta Pro® nutritionists can help with selection of nutrient sources for animal feeding including Express® soymeal, dry extruded corn, and stabilized rice bran among others.  These ingredients can provide nutrient bioavailability when processed properly using high-shear dry extrusion. Insta-Pro® equipment is continuously tested by customers and prospects in the   Hanson & Said Research & Development Center in conjunction with wet chemistry analysis coming from verified laboratories (i.e. third-party labs) and animal feeding trials supported by universities and research institutions.

The nutrition team is also available to provide service to Insta Pro® customers around the world educating people to operate our equipment properly, formulating diets with extruded products, maximizing quality control when manufacturing feed, dealing with nutrient quality and variability, minimizing feed wastage, evaluating animal performance and costs, and advising how to improve animal management for better utilization of nutrients available in processed ingredients.

Finally, it is important to point out that as a nutrition team, we interact with the other members of the team specialized in other areas to combine our strengths focusing on great ideas altogether to support our customers. Give us a call, we are here to help you.

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