Swine Love it & Their Productivity Shows It…. So What Is it?

The pork industry continues to look toward more economically important characteristics which require efficient feeding strategies to determine which ingredients to use in the diets. Traditional diets for pigs based on corn and soybean meal often exceed the protein requirements generating the consumption of excess amino acids that the pig does not use as body protein or lean tissue. To overcome this, the crude protein content in the diet is reduced by adding synthetic amino acids to meet the requirements and to evaluate their effects on improvements in protein utilization, reduction in nitrogen excretion and the consequent environmental pollution.

That is not the only option, the use of high-quality ingredients like ExPress® soy meal provides a highly digestible and reliable protein source as demonstrated in the most recent study. Values for pig’s standardized ileal digestibility  (corrected by basal endogenous losses) of most essential and non-essential amino acids in ExPress® Soymeal were greater than in solvent-extracted soybean meal (see graph below):


Overall, the pigs fed ExPress® Soymeal improved digestibility of amino acids by 4.2% compared to solvent-extracted soybean meal. Using higher quality ingredients allows pigs a more useable source of soy protein (i.e. amino acids) while relying on fewer ingredients in the diet. Furthermore, the improved digestibility of ExPress® protein offers the following advantages in practical formulations:

  1. Better formulation accuracy of diets with amino acid concentrations adjusted to the animal’s requirements
  2. Improved efficiency of nutrient utilization which could limit nitrogen losses resulting in a sustainable production system
  3. Can be added in mixtures of feed ingredients

ExPress® Soymeal is an ingredient with higher standardized amino acid digestibility and lower total crude protein. It can be added to swine diets to achieve similar or enhanced productivity results to those obtained with solvent-extracted soybean meal and synthetic amino acids while lessening pollution. Consult with an Insta-Pro® representative today to learn more about the science-based nutritional value of ExPress® soy meal.

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