Update: Antibiotic-Free Production & Uncertainty (Hint: Test Your Ingredients)

You’ve seen us write about changing feed industry trends, and what they may mean for you, over the last few years on the Insta-Pro Intl blog.  In particular, antibiotic-free livestock production (or at least commitments to it) has seen enormous gains since I blogged about it a few years ago.  I just saw this one today, in fact, to go along with commitments made by bigger players – Subway, McDonald’s, Chipotle, Panera, to name a few.  There is definitely more concern about what’s in food, and for good reason.

As I wrote about two years ago, antibiotic use in poultry production spans at least 50 years, and has created levels of performance certainty within the industry.  I showed that here by calculating the amount of variation in broiler body weight with or without antibiotics.  When antibiotics are not used, there is more variation in body weight – more uncertainty.  For a huge industry responsible for supplying inexpensive, quality animal protein, even extremely small changes in expectations don’t go unnoticed.

Probiotics are an excellent alternative to antibiotics in poultry diets, but a recent report highlighted high levels of variability in the efficacies of these products – more uncertainty.

What can you do if you’re producing ExPress® soy meal for poultry (or any livestock, for that matter)?

With increased uncertainty comes the need for more certainty elsewhere.  This is where your high-quality meal comes in – are you tracking your levels of important nutrients (moisture, protein, oil, fiber)?  Are they changing, or are they constant?

Your customers not only want, but now, need the best-quality meal you can make.  This begins with consistency.  That is why we’ve developed the Insta-Pro PIA NIR machine, specifically calibrated for our customers.  Take as many predictions as you want to quickly develop trends in the processing plant – you can quickly answer very important questions, such as “how much oil am I extracting right now?

Please contact me ( or 515-419-2231) about how the Insta-Pro PIA NIR machine can help you during these times of uncertainty.

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