What Does Fry Life Tell Us About The Shelf Life of ExPress® Soy Oil?

soy oil fry life

An interesting thing happened when soy oils were used to fry food in USDA testing – the oils behaved differently when they were derived from different processes.

One was ExPress® soy oil, one product of the high-shear dry extrusion/mechanical oil pressing process from Insta-Pro. As the USDA results demonstrated, soy oil from the ExPress® process, but without any added stabilizers, was as stable as hexane-extracted (the commodity soy oil version) soy oil only when artificial antioxidant stabilizers were included. Absent these artificial stabilizers, hexane-extracted oil degraded very quickly during frying. This means, of course, that ExPress® soy oil contains natural compounds that preserve the oil when used to fry food.

As part of this study, the levels of tocopherol (natural antioxidants that wind up in oil during ExPress® processing) loss during frying were measured and found to be very minimal. This indicates that other stabilizing compounds might be present in ExPress® oil which could aid oil stability during frying.

A study published in 2014 helped confirm this. When an Insta-Pro high-shear dry extruder was used to extrude soybeans, several Maillard reaction products were produced. Maillard reaction products exhibit known antioxidant properties. What’s more is that when elevated conditions of thermal processing were used with high-shear dry extrusion, more of these antioxidants were found in the extruded soy. Thus, these levels of protective compounds likely are specific to the high-shear dry extrusion process, which is capable of processing soybeans in this manner. Other extrusion processes are not capable of achieving the same levels of cook that the Insta-Pro high-shear dry extruder can obtain.

In short, the Insta-Pro high-shear dry extrusion process imparts unique qualities to soy oil, which has improved fry life and more antioxidant compounds than other soy oils. Speak with us for further details about the unique, prolonged shelf life of ExPress® soy oil.

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