What Is Express® Soymeal?

Soybeans consumed by livestock and poultry animals worldwide are processed through solvent or mechanical extraction then converted to soybean meal.

As the inventor of high shear, dry extrusion, Insta-Pro International® has continued to provide innovative processing solutions for oilseeds and other applications. For example, when processing soybeans, we first run them through our extruder then they are pressed using a mechanical oil press to extract the oil. This process, also known as “ExPress® Technology”, doesn’t require the use of chemicals and results in high-quality soybean meal and soy oil.


Compared to solvent extracted soybean meal, ExPress® soybean meal contains highly digestible protein, energy. Because of the chemical-free, mechanical process, ExPress® soybean meal has lecithin and natural antioxidant tocopherols. ExPress® soybean meal has higher residual oil and higher amino acid digestibility that allows greater flexibility in feed formulation. As an ingredient, it is highly likely that no additional fat or oil source is required in a dietary formulation when ExPress® meal is used, but not guaranteed. This is the typical ingredient composition, and nutrient levels will vary naturally:


Typical Nutrient Profile of ExPress® Soy meal 

Dry Matter                    = 95%

Crude Protein              = 43-47%

Fat (acid hydrolysis)     = 6%-8%

Crude fiber                   = 5%-7%

Ash                               = 5.3%

Free Faty Acids            = 0.5%

Linoleic                         = 4.5%

Linolenic Acid               = 0.9%

Lecithin                         = 0.20%

Lysine (total)                 = 2.86%


ExPress® soymeal can be used as the major protein source for all species from 15-40% of a formulation.

There are many advantages of using Express® meal:

  1. Eliminates the need for other soy protein in formulations such as solvent, extracted soybean meal.
  2. Can be used in feed formulation at a higher inclusion rate versus full-fat soybean meal.
  3. Gives you more control to fine tune the amount of oil used for poultry and swine diets compared to full-fat soybean meal.
  4. Reduces the possibility of milk fat depression when fed to dairy cows or lactating sows compared to full-fat soybean meal.
  5. Reduces the number of ingredients in your inventory.

Processing your oilseeds with our ExPress® method can help benefit your business in many ways. If you are interested in learning more, send us a message to learn more.

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