ExPress® Certification

ExPress® Certification

Insta-Pro Accreditation Means More Than Just Equipment

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ExPress® Certification

The ExPress® Certification program is targeted to customers with dedicated processing lines exclusively using Insta-Pro® branded extruders, oil presses and replacement parts.

Key Benefits:

  • ExPress® certified businesses benefit by Insta-Pro sales and nutritional teams proactively recommending their locations to end users (Producers of Meat, Milk & Eggs and feed mills) for purchasing of ExPress® meal and oil.
  • ExPress® certified locations will benefit by Insta-Pro listing their company on external promotional materials, newsletters and websites.
  • Ability to leverage the ExPress® brand backed by 50+ yrs of feeding trials to promote the nutritional and financial benefits of incorporating  ExPress® meal & oil ingredients into rations.

ExPress® Certified Customers:


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