New Opportunities for the Aquaculture Industry in Russia

Fish Feed

Whether you are in Russia or any other part of the world, it would be wise to look at the fish feed market opportunity in support of the world-wide growth of aquaculture.  Regionally, for the last couple of years aquaculture has been the buzz word in the Russian feed industry.  There are only a few feed mills in the whole country that are fish feed manufacturers.

The demand for the locally produced feeds was pretty low due to the fact that most of the fish has been imported, for example, until recently 95% of feeds for salmon and sturgeon have been imported.  However, due to recent food embargo introduced by Russia in 2014 aquaculture sector boosted significantly.  Norway was impacted most of all since it has been the major fish supplier to the Russian Federation.

The Russian aquaculture industry has received the status of ‘strategically important in terms of import substitution’.  This means that the Russian Government will allocate 3 billion rubles ($45 million dollars) to subsidize the aquatic sector.  Aquaculture production is forecasted to grow from 150 000 tons in 2015 to 410 000 tons by 2020.

Carp, salmon and sturgeon can be considered the three main species in aquaculture production in Russia.  Main production areas are the Russian North West and Far East.  Recently, more small fish farms appear in the southern parts of the country like Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Stavropol.  Due to high currency exchange rate the timing is right for those farms to substitute costly imported fish feeds with locally produced high quality alternatives.

The MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder, with the appropriate supporting equipment like a post-extrusion fat coater, is capable of making nearly any type of aquafeed.  Recent research with small dies has resulted in the production of small pellets (about 1.4 mm diameter) – this will feed nearly any juvenile farmed fish.  Combined with service and support, including engineering, maintenance, and nutrition, for the life of the extruder, the MS3000 Medium Shear Extruder fits well into small-to-medium fish feed enterprises.

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