How Does It Work? 7 Blogs You MUST Read Before Buying

Our equipment has to work in tandem to create high-quality ExPress® soymeal. With all of the moving parts involved in the ExPress® process, it can get a bit complex.  This is why we are going back to the basics with the first in a series of blogs that revisit some of the great information we have previously published.  In this blog, we will showcase blogs written by Jason Buseman, Sr. Process Engineer, that discuss how equipment functions.

It All Starts With Shear

As ingredients go through the extruder barrel, screws and steamlocks, they are exposed to very high shear rates which create very high temperatures.

How a Cleaner Works

Unlike a destoner, a cleaner sorts material based on particle size instead of bulk density.

How a Destoner Works

Destoners have a large table that vibrates at various frequencies that can be tilted up or down, filtering out stones and other dense objects.

How the Extruder Works

The extruder is a positive displacement machine designed to apply shear forces to raw ingredients in order to process them into finished goods.

How an Oil Press Works

Mechanical oil pressing is a cost efficient, versatile and chemical-free method that allows one to process oil seeds easily.

How a Decanter Works

Crude oil enters into the front of the decanter into the scroll conveyor and solids are pushed by the conveyor to the outlet.

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