Energy In, Performance Out with Great Oil

how does oil effect energy

Back in 2013, in the very first blog I published on the Insta-Pro website, I wrote about how extrusion processing, especially high-shear dry extrusion from Insta-Pro, was a reliable way to produce better ingredients and make it easier for animals to extract more dietary energy for productive purposes. Animals need energy to make meat, milk, and eggs, and especially in today’s highly-tuned, very efficient production systems, energy is king. Even a small lack of energy, measured as kilocalories, and using carefully controlled animal studies, can derail performance goals. Massive production plants are set up to receive vast numbers of market-weight chickens, pigs, beef cattle, eggs from layers, and large amounts of raw milk for processing. The whole system is super-efficient and needs reliability in order to function smoothly.

To reach goals more efficiently, animal diet formulations often include small quantities of fats and oils (often less than 5% of the diet based on weight) to achieve the level of dietary energy needed to optimize performance. As we’ve demonstrated on a previous blog before, the qualities of available energy in feed fats and oils can vary widely – by as much as 30% in the study cited in the blog. This is a gaping difference, especially by an ingredient that is often very expensive.

The ExPress® process from Insta-Pro, which uses quality-minded high-shear dry extrusion and mechanical pressing for oil extraction, produces two great sources of rich dietary energy – soy oil that is isolated during pressing, and ExPress® soy meal, which contains 6-8% residual oil in the meal.

As we have demonstrated time and time again with animal feeding studies, oil-bearing ingredients derived from the ExPress® process are superior to those produced with other technologies, including hexane-based, chemical processes used to make commodity soybean meal, as well as other mechanical processes.

Nine years later and these fundamental ideas are truer than ever – energy in, performance out! Use great ingredients, from established, globally appreciated equipment and processes, to meet your production goals. Get in touch with us for more details.

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