Food Trends: Feeding Omega-3 to Cattle

corn for dairy cow protein

In today’s health conscious environment there are now producers, processors and marketers of healthier meat, milk and eggs who are finding receptive consumers preferring grass fed, all-vegetable grown (no animal proteins or fats), anti-biotic free, high in omega-3 nutrients, fortified, certified organic, non-gmo project verified, antibiotic free, and hexane-free fed animals.

Dr. Oz, a well-known TV personality has promoted “grass fed” beef as the answer to eating healthier meat. That technique has its limitations due to the changing seasonal nutrient qualities in grasses. There is a new technique being used for creating a healthier beef and pork. Researched in Kansas, it was found that animals fed ingredients with high levels of omega-3 not only were healthier, but produced meat that contained high levels of the omega-3, as well as enhancing the taste of “conventionally” grown beef and pork. It can be easily assumed that meat created by healthy animals will be healthier for people.

Proprietary techniques and specifically selected ingredients are being used to increase the omega-3 levels in meat, milk and eggs. Currently, there are beef animals, broilers, layers, pigs and dairy animals within the USA being fed using these special diets.  For example, ground hamburger with increased levels of omega-3  is currently available in selected grocery stores, and is expected to grow as more beef animals are fed. Additionally, omega-3 rich pork products should be available in many stores starting in late 2016.  Omega-3 rich eggs have been quite successful in the marketplace for many years.

Consumers have numerous choices in choosing healthier foods that truly have great tastes. Given the positive trends within the food industry, there will be many more options to satisfy consumers. I am proud to work with engineers and nutritionists who are focused on providing solutions and being a part of these dynamic changes.

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