Versatility in Extrusion – Using the MS3000 Extruder for Various Applications

MS3000 Extruder

One of the questions we get asked the most, in the Latin American market, is how many applications our extruders can produce. When investing in Insta-Pro equipment, this is an important factor to consider because the equipment is durable and lasts for many years. It is possible that in the future, the extruder will be used for other applications rather than the one it was initially acquired for, hence the importance of versatility.

The key aspect that makes the MS3000 versatile is that with the replacement of a few parts, it can switch applications, eliminating the need to replace the whole barrel. The MS3000 is economically viable as it is an extruder that makes all types of products, including:

This particular extruder focuses on producing shaped products since it is a medium shear extruder versus high-shear. It was made with the vision that the market is predicted to increase around 90% in aquaculture (LatAm), there is a deficiency of protein in the world (texturized soy protein is a possible solution), and a tendency all around the world to integrate pets as part of our families. Currently, we have customers using the MS3000 to produce high-quality pet food in central Mexico that is then distributed throughout Central America.

This extruder has been tested for its ability to perform at international standards of the highest quality to create pet food, fish feed and textured soy protein. Please contact us for additional information regarding our MS3000.

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