7 Points to Consider When Investing In A Processing Facility

Equipment – How Does it All Work

Understanding how the equipment works is key in processing high-quality ingredients your customers will demand.  This quick read will explain the basics so you are equipped with the information you need to make the best decision for your company.


High-shear dry extrusion from Insta-Pro® International allows the production of nutritionally superior ingredients from oilseeds like soy.  This is by design – high-temperature, short-time cooking with dry extrusion provides a thorough cook, practically measured as temperature, while minimizing time.  This short-time aspect of the process is critical because nutrients, especially the amino acids in protein, such as lysine, do not tolerate cooking for more than a minute.  The cook time with dry extrusion lasts only seconds, preserving protein quality.

Parts Team

We are loaded with hands on operational experience, customer service experience, engineering experience, nutritional experience, repair and maintenance experience and overall product evaluation experience.  Our team of professionals are most interested in optimizing extruded product performance with your particular application.

Service for Life

Not all companies offer on-going support after the sale.  Our service and support teams offer a variety of services, including maintenance and ongoing visits to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Business Strategy

You Can’t Do It All – But You Can Be The Best

Is Your Project Financially Feasible?

How to understand the real value of the products you produce and determine if your project is feasible.

Trade Secrets

The secret to achieving the competitive edge.

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