What resources have you overlooked? – Testing New Ingredients in R&D Part I

In my 27 years of working with Insta-Pro and its unique high shear dry extrusion technology, I have been witness to some rather interesting projects. The majority of them were projects that we tried and developed in our R&D Lab while others went on to a commercial scale with varying degrees of success.

Before I share more about a few of our projects, I must first give a description of what a high shear dry extruder is and what kinds of functions our technology has. In short, our high shear dry extruder is a machine that acts like a continuous pressure cooker that generates heat by converting mechanical horsepower into heat through friction and pressure.


Image of Insta-Pro's High Shear Dry Extruder

Extruder Model 2000 – High Shear Dry Extrusion for Oilseeds


For example, we can feed an ingredient into our machine, and in less than 20 seconds the machine can generate 300ºF or higher. This cooking method is faster than a microwave, is continuous, and can process between 1000 and 6000 lbs per hour depending on the ingredient. Our Insta-Pro high shear dry extruder cooks, shears, expands, sterilizes, dehydrates and texturizes ingredients or ingredient blend (under certain parameters) that we can continuously run through it. Our high shear, high-heat, short-time cook process can generate high quality, highly digestible nutrients that can bring top dollar in the marketplace.

An example of one of our customers that has our technology used it as a kill step to sterilize their dehydrated plate waste. They now turn biomass that’s headed for the landfill into a valuable feed ingredient.

At Insta-Pro we like to think outside the box and apply what we know to the resources that you have available to you. Our goal is to help you sort out whether or not our technology can be applied and help you to develop a profitable venture. Check out Part II of this blog to learn more or give us a call today!

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